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I love...
...being married - yes, I'm a walking cliché, but there's something wonderful about having the same last name as my favourite person.
...dresses - perhaps I'm stuck in the 1950s, but you'll mostly find me in dresses and skirts - they're so pretty!
...books - my parents complained that I always had my nose in a book as a child. They were right. I still read as often as I can, though I stick to actual books, with pages and a spine - I'm still not convinced by those shiny electronic pretenders. things - I'm beginning to wonder if I might need an entirely separate room just to store all the kitchen gadgets and accessories we've acquired [and I've not even been playing house for that long... how will there possibly be room for more in the future?!]
...prettiness - jewellery, art, furniture, antiques, dresses (see above), picture frames, fonts, fabric - if it's gorgeous, there's a good chance I have had to fight the urge to buy it. listen - I love to talk too, but I know when to be quiet, because everyone is interesting, even if they don't know it. - they really can say a million things and tell a story - sometimes better than words. I'd be honoured to talk to you about how you'd like your story told.